♡ Mipi

Mipi the Label is a slow fashion, limited edition, bohemian brand with clothing and accessories. It was founded in 2022 by Famke, she wanted to create a brand that combines femininity with comfortability and beautiful details. Rather than chasing the latests trends, Mipi aims to create pieces with soft textiles, embroidery and trims, which are designed for everyday life.

Where it all started

I was twelve years old when I went to school wearing a black sparkly dress and a measuring tape wrapped around my neck. "So what do you want to be?", someone asked me. "I'm going to be a fashion designer when I'm older!", I answered excitedly. Fast forward a few years, I decided I wanted to become a midwife. However, I wasn't any good at science or math for that fact thus fashion seemed like a safer bet. And so I applied to the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). And my plan B, you might ask? There was none. I was all-in for a fashion degree. 

Luckily I managed to be accepted and three years flew by. Those three years were a constant struggle of trying to find my way within the fashion industry. I didn't really know what I wanted 'to be' after I graduated and I also felt like I had too many interests but was forced to focus on one solely. Starting a business was constantly on my mind whilst the idea of this felt far out of reach. Like many, I didn't really know where to start and never had the perseverance to continue. 

December 2021, that changed for me entirely. There wasn't really anything that led to my sudden change in behaviour, only that I felt very burnt out, unmotivated and unhappy. It was time for a change. Ergo I took the two hundred euros that I had saved up from my birthday prior and made an appointment at the chamber of commerce. I came totally unprepared but surprisingly there wasn't much required. I had no business plan, no clear vision, only that I wanted to share my creations with other people.

Every cent that I earned I reinvested into Mipi (and still do). And every free evening or day I spent working on orders and making new products. As of today I work on Mipi full-time. I'm incredibly excited, nervous and curious of where this journey will take me. I decided to share this not to toot my own horn, but to show you all that it doesn't take much to start something. As long as you give it your all, it can go anywhere. 

I hope that the Mipi community will only grow from here and I can continue sharing my thoughts and creations with you. As always, I appreciate you being here supporting my small business.

May you wear and enjoy Mipi everyday. 

Love, Famke

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